Photo: Ata Mohammad Adnan
I met Sumaiya on February 2015 while working on a project in Dhanmondi. Sumaiya is the ‘mother’ of 11 beautiful street dogs and she has named all of them. Lali, Boltu, Tommy, Rocky-do, Tiger, Shadhu, Bagha, Tutu, Jimmy, Kalu and their little pups come running to play and nibble your fingers or grab the biscuits in your hand when you call them. The only dog missing in this picture is Stark Rashid Naser — but I know when I meet him, I will have a beautiful story to tell.

I was humbled to be allowed into this world, her world and become friends with all those beautiful creatures. Together, we fed them biscuits, played catch and while I crossed the street, had a whole pack of canine love following me. What a sight!

I often wonder why we consider ourselves ‘human’ when the ‘animals’ around us are more humane than we can ever imagine.

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